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Home Insurance

You invested a great deal of time and financial resources into the home of your dreams, so it’s important you do everything in your power to keep it safe. While you can’t always control Mother Nature and unfortunate circumstances, you CAN control the insurance policies you have. The costs associated with tragic occurrences such as house fires or burglaries can be crippling.

We specialize in all types of homeowners policies; from the standard single family home, historic and vintage homes, to high end and custom homes. Other types of coverage include, but are not limited to, dwelling coverage, contents coverage, and personal liability, along with other specific options such as flood, valuable items, umbrella policies, and more.

Auto Insurance

While it will likely not be as expensive as your home, they are responsible for protecting your loved one’s while out on the open road. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and whether you are the one who caused it, or somebody else collided with your vehicle, it’s essential to have auto insurance to help cover costs associated with repairs and legal claims, along with physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Types of auto insurance differ in levels of coverage and cost. While some are there simply because of legal requirements in states such as New Jersey, others provide additional coverage specific to individual needs. Your vehicle will also impact coverage. Policies include liability coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an affordable way to get additional liability coverage for claims in excess of your standard coverage. Not only do they cover the policyholder, but also family members or those in their household.

Umbrella coverage can be added to your home, auto, recreational vehicle or watercraft policies and provide an extra layer of protection in an unfortunate scenario. While these policies cover injuries to others or damage to their possessions, it will not cover the property of the policyholder.

Condo Insurance

Owners of condominiums must have condo insurance, also known as a HO-6 policy. Condo insurance protects condo owners as homeowners and members of condo associations. We understand that Condominium Master Deeds are often written differently, so our team will take a close look at yours for you and determine who is responsible for items including interior/exterior walls, flooring, appliances, light fixtures and more.

There are several added coverages we can provide, including what is known as “Broadening the Perils Covered”, which extends coverage beyond a standard HO-6 policy. This can come in handy in a scenario where a roof leak causes damages to internal contents that you are responsible for.

Flood Insurance

A flood can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home and property, not to mention the cost of your time spent going back and forth with contractors on repairs. If you live in a flood plain or on the coast, flood insurance coverage is even more important.

You may also be legally required to have this type of coverage depending on where you live. Flood insurance can protect your furniture, clothes, appliances, flooring, and other listed items. Cost of coverage will depend on your risk, what you’re looking to protect and your property.

Additional Personal Coverages We Provide:

Renters Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

RV Insurance

Snowmobile Insurance

Yacht and Watercraft Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Wedding Insurance

Earthquake Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance

Valuable Possessions Insurance

Secondary Home Insurance

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