Lost Your Health Insurance Because of a Job Loss? There Are Options

WE can help you review your Medical plan options and replace the health insurance plan that was provide by your former employer.

Quality, affordable health insurance options are available on the Marketplace. In New Jersey, an individual earning up to about $49,960 a year and a family of four earning up to about $103,000 a year can qualify for financial help to lower the cost of their plan. If you don’t qualify for financial help on the Marketplace, we can shop around for you.

Allen & Stults Co., Inc. is licensed and appointed for both, ON & OFF the marketplace health insurance plans.

Allen & Stults Co., Inc. is licensed and appointed with many companies that offer Medicare Supplemental and Advantage plans for individual’s over age 65.

YOU have a limited time to take action. Your job loss is considered as a “qualifying life event”. This means that you may be eligible to purchase private health insurance outside of the normal open enrollment period. You must sign up and purchase health care coverage within 60 days of losing your previous plan.

Please contact Michelle Field or Bill Daly at 1-800- 792- 8660 or contact us at mfield@allenstults.com.